About Me

After graduating with a degree in Applied Science in Naturopathy in 1992, Luke has trained extensively in the area of Functional Medicine and Wellness Programs. His areas of special interest lie primarily in understanding the influence of diet, lifestyle and environmental factors and how they affect human physiology.

“By combining the best science has to offer in diagnostic tools with the wisdom of naturopathic philosophies, clear and precise strategies can be formulated to combat any health challenge at the true causative level.”

Luke’s training in natural medicine, combined with his sound knowledge and thorough understanding of the value of nutritional supplements, ensures that his patients are treated with the most comprehensive and effective naturopathic programs. Luke believes strongly in the use of objective testing to understand the intricate internal biochemistry of one body. Luke is also passionate about how diet, lifestyle and the environment influence this biochemistry and what can be done to positively influence it.

Luke’s areas of interest include

  • Digestive health, Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  • Stress syndromes, Anxiety, Depression.
  • Wellness programs for optimal health.
  • Sports nutrition.
  • Detoxification.
  • Weight management.
  • Hormonal health.

Luke has also worked closely with a number of sporting clubs, athletes and trainers to help them achieve optimum performance. Luke has been practicing for 24 years.

“As a naturopathic physician, I strive for objectivity in all the testing I do in my clinic. Testing that gives me reliable, accurate, insightful information about the complexities of the patient. Years of clinical practice have shown me the importance of this kind of information in shaping the outcome of my treatment strategies.”